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[RESOLVED] Qt Creator 2.8.1 shuts down when I try to open a Session.

  • Hi,

    I have one session consisting of three projects which opens just fine. I have another session that consists ten projects and it shuts down when I open it. Before it shuts down I can see it's listing the projects names in Projects but then the whole Qt Creator just closes.

    Could someone help me with this -- thank you.

    Edit: I've just tried to create a new session consisting of the projects and the result is the same -- it shuts down.

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    Can you generate a backtrace and "report a bug": , please?

  • I fixed the problem by using "Import Existing Project" instead of "Load" project into a new session. When I imported, for all the projects I overwritten existing project files *.config, *.creator, *.includes, *.files. I have to say I am not using any of Qt, I have C++ projects using my own make files.

    Should I still report a bug? How do I generate a backtrace? I've already deleted the Sessions that I couldn't load.

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