Set Default Selected item for QCombox from QTreeWidget ( QTreeWidget is inside QCombobox )

  • Hello,

    I have set a qTreeWidget inside a QCombo box, it works well. But I am unable to add the default selected item ( say second item with column one's data).

    Here is the code snippet

    cmb = new QComboBox();
    QTreeWidget *treeWidget = new QTreeWidget(cmb);

    QTreeWidgetItem *topLevelItem = NULL;

    QTreeWidgetItem *parentItem = topLevelItem;

    for( int row =0; row < 2; row++)

    QPointer<QPushButton> SendBtn= new QPushButton("Send");

    QTreeWidgetItem* item = new QTreeWidgetItem();

    treeWidget->setItemWidget(item, 0, txtLabel); // Set lable
    treeWidget->setItemWidget(item, 1, SendBtn); // Set push button.



    cmb->setModelColumn(0); // Set default text of selected item to column 1 i.e label data ?????????????
    cmb->setCurrentIndex(1); // Select first row ???????????

    Similarly when I use the signal slot mechanism to select an item from QTreeWidget and set inside QCombo box selected item , it does not work either for combo box.

    connect(cmb, SIGNAL(activated(int)), this, SLOT(getComboIndex(int)));

    void TestWidget:: getComboIndex(int index)

  • cmb = new QComboBox(this);

  • This does not work either. Moreover , I modified the code so that combo box is created in designer and I reference that combo box.

    In the event
    void TestWidget:: getComboIndex(int index)
    treeWidget->currentIndex() --> This does return me a model index whose row and column correspond to the value selected from tree widget. But setting it in combo box seems to be an issue.

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