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Visual Studio 2012 support for QT4

  • I'm still using QT4 because QT5 introduced many bad regressions in painting / rendering. Also in VS2012 it's possible to use tool chain from VS2008. So I my question is why did you drop support for QT4 in VS-Addin-1.2 (due to bug ) and did not support VS2012 in VS-Addin-1.1 ?

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    Please report the regressions you have encountered, Qt developers are very interested in those.

    A question posted here will miss most Qt developers. If you need an answer regarding the Addin, please post the question on development Mailing List. You can get info about all Qt communication channels in ""Contribute":" section.

  • Thanks. Regressions were already reported. And it seems that I have to wait until our project is switched to QT5. No VS2012 until then :(

  • Hi A. Verbenko

    Take a look at Qt Creator. It is a nice tool, has lots of bugs, but it works.
    I switched from Visual Studio + Add In 1.1.11 (the last for Qt 4) to Qt Creator, because this Addin is horrible...

    It takes about three days to have the pro file ready to compile my 26 applications with four dependend DLLs.

    The good thing of creator is shadow builds and a good kit management, which allows me, to add all my 32- Bit and 64 - Bit versions of Qt 4 and 5 put in Creator and use also Visual C++ 2008 to 2012 (and I guess, also 2013 or 2014, what ever microsoft offers in the future).

    You have all you need, clear structures..

    Lack is: you can not compile a single file (this is real bad!), debugging request a complete check of the project and all things must fit to start the debug.
    Lack is: Debugging with CDB is slow and lots of debug helper are missing, but it works.

    The good: No big overhead, fast compile, much faster than with Visual Studio projects...

    Kind regards from germany,

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