Missing file for compiler

  • After loading Qt creator 5 I attempted to build my first GUI and received the following error;
    :-1: error: Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options. When I used the options menu under tools to check for a complier I found that one had been auto detected. The compiler info provided was " MinGW 4.8 32 bit". The compiler path listed was "c:\Qt\tools\mingw48_32\bin\gcc.exe". The "gcc.exe" file was not present!!!! When I downloaded the program I received an error message concerning mingw exe crashing , but I selected the "Retry" option and the program loaded with out any further errors. I am brand new to Qt and C++, so pardon my jargon. Can anyone tell me what happened to the gcc.exe file and is it the source of my need a compiler configured error message? Thanks for any help.

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    It would seem that your MinGW installation has failed. You need to install it again.

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