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IOS Splash Screen, Orientation selection, Hide Status bar

  • Hi,

    Can anyone please point me to any document on how to setup the following items for iOS, am using Qt 5.2 Beta

    Screen Orientaion
    iOS Status bar options (I need to completely hide the status bar)
    iOS App Icon
    Support for iPhone Retina 3.5 inch and iPhone Retina 4 inch and iPad

    Appreciate your support

  • I'm trying to play with the code with no luck to support the retina display, my code is built totally on a one QGraphicsView widget

    For splashscreen, screenorientation .. etc, that can be done via xCode although I wish it works under Qt for convience purposes

  • I've resolved the retina display support with the help of the following Digia post:


  • At least some of these settings (orientation, status bar options, icons, possibly others) are defined in the Info.plist file which is by default automatically generated by qmake.

    You can force qmake to use your own plist file as specified in your pro file:

    @QMAKE_INFO_PLIST = MyApp.plist@

    One way I found comfortable is to automatically generate a default Info.plist with qmake, then use Xcode to modify some of these settings and when done, copying the updated Info.plist to MyApp.plist.

  • If you want to be able to set application icons in XCode's Summary tab after generating your XCode project from your Qt project, you'll first of all need to add the following line to your Qt project file yourproject.pro :

    @QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA += icons@

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