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How to Fix Clipping of Synthesized Italic Font

  • I observe horizontal clipping of individual characters when using italic styles from a TTF, the file is Vera.ttf and is the only font on this system.

    System uses linux and minimalegl platform from a QT5.1.2 build for ARM based processor.
    When using QT4 no distortion is observed.

    Below is a picture of the distortion that is happening (the QT5 font is on top and the QT4 font is on bottom).
    ! font is on top, QT4 font on bottom)!

    I am uncertain how to better investigate or improve this situation.

    How are italic fonts created inside the QT5 library?
    What ideas can I try to correct the clipping?

    Thank you for your time.

  • If the same code produces the correct output in Qt4, and an incorrect one in Qt5, I would submit a "Bug report":

  • Thanks for the idea. I have added material to "existing issue":

    If a future reader of this post knows more about font renderring then please post information about source code that applies to the topic of synthesizing font glyphs.

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