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GPS location

  • Hello, I've got one question... It's not about Qt, but don't know where else to ask... I would like to create GPS application -> app would take bus GPS location and show it on a map, print route, etc... In my city all buses have GPS systems... What I'd like to know is how can I access to the bus GPS and take its coordinates??? I know that is possible because that bus company is tracking their buses on the monitors all the time...

  • If I understand your question correctly you are completely wrong to raise the question here.

    If you like to access the GPS location from any bus in your town at any place, you need to know if this is supplied over the public internet. For instance every bus may have GPS but it may be only distributed in an internal network of the company, which is a more likely case.
    Otherwise you need to ask the company providing the bus service for details on how to access the location of the buses. Possibly they are broadcasting the positions over some internet protocol. When you have the information you need also to know the format used for relaying the information. Afterwards you can think of your application and how to use the information.

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