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HTML object or embed tag

  • Iam a newbie...

    I am trying to develop a browser which is run using Qt Webkit. The browser must load HTML5 pages(with Javascript and CSS). The browser must play a video on loading a particular URL. The video can be run using a platform specific mediaplayer, which resides on the ARM machine(Embedded Linux platform). So I could see video tag was not handled properly. Hence it doesn't play the video at all. Now I am trying to play the video using tag. I understood that it could load an external application.

    So, may I know how to specify to the webkit that I need this mediaplayer to run the video. I could specify the source url in the parameter 'data'. How can I alter the handling in webkit??

    Any pointers, please reply...

    Please respond. Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone, please help me out!!!

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