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Ignore All Errors popup Qt Creator and make clock skew

  • Is there anyway to disable this popup when running a program, it has appeared in the new Qt Creator 2.7.2 build we are using at our University and is a problem for us, as we have home directories on the server each time we build we get ":-1: error: Warning: File `QtTest2' has modification time 1.6e+02 s in the future" which causes the popup.

    It seems it is difficult to remove this from make and I can't find an option in Qt Creator to disable it.

    Any help would be great as this is beginning to annoy me in my lectures, as well as my students.


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    This is actually a pretty severe issue as make uses the timestamps to decide which files need to be rebuilt and which are still ok. So you might end up with inconsistent and broken builds due to this clock skew. There is no way to disable this.

    In my experience there are several possible root causes for this issue:

    The machine you work on has the wrong time. Easy to fix: Just set the time properly (and enable NTP to make sure it stays fixed;-).

    I extract the sources from a tarball that was packaged on a different machine with a broken clock. Touching all files makes sure the access time is set to "now" and the issue is gone. On unix use the "touch" command for this, but I am not really sure how to do the same on windows.

    The sources are stored on a server somewhere and the server and the client disagree on the current time. Ask your local administrator to fix the time on the server (in 1. we already made sure our time is correct after all;-). Alternatively store the sources on a local HDD and use a version control system to make them available to fellow devs (and for backup). You should be using a version control system anyway.

  • unfortunately the time skew will always happen due to the university network (2000+ students across several campuses etc), the skew if not an issue for building and we can build on a local non-backed up shared disk.

    Most of the students prefer to work in their home directories rather than the local disks as they move machines often, this is across 4 different year levels as well some of who are not ready for VCS etc.

    It would just be good to disable the popup. It's annoying as make reports this as a warning but Qt reports it as an error.

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