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QDesktopServices and QClipboard support for iOS

  • Hello all,

    Does anyone know whether there are plans for supporting QDesktopServices and QClipboard for iOS?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but for now QApplication::clipboard() does not actually give back the QClipboard object associated with the iOS clipboard but some QClipboard empty object. Whereas QDesktopServices only prints @The platform plugin does not support services. @

    and fails to do what it's told to(I only tried QDesktopServices::openUrl("") but I don't see why other things would work).

    Thank you,


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    Did you test mailto in the simulator ? It won't work in there (no mail app), but it does on a device

  • Hello,

    I was testing it on a device not in the simulator. But anyways now, the mailto trick seems to work fine (maybe added in the 5.2 beta).

    Does anyone know when and if QClipboard will start working?



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