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How to make nice open/close child window animation effects?

  • Hi all

    I would to ask if could be possible to develop some nice animation effect for open/close of application child windows. For example an animation like burn as showed in the image:

    ! burn animation)!

    If possible what do you think would be the best way to do such thing?

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    This effect is done by your window manager, it's not something that you could easily replicate in your application. And that would definitely break the user interface guide lines on other OSs.

    Unless you are planning to do it in a game, I would rather recommend against this kind of eye candy (if people want something like that, they use the same WM as you). Users would be rather surprised and maybe annoyed by that.

  • Hi

    Well, the example I showed is too "extreme" but I think some more "normal" animation could have a positive impact in application interacting. Is jusy my persionally idea by the way... Basically my question focused to learn a way to get such result mainly for improve my knowledge un Qt. ^_^

  • as far as I know the OS's window manager takes care of the application's main window, and since you specified application's child windows, I think an open/close turning into show/hide animation effect could be achievable

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