How to change the position of the text of a spanned Cell in a QTableView

  • I have a QTableView with big cells (I use span). The cells are so big, that the text of them is not visible unless I reach the middle of them with the scrollbars. So I need to change the position of the text of a cell.

    I think that I have 2 options here.

    1. Create QLabels and set them somehow over the QTableview at certain positions (How to do that???)

    2. Since I have span, can I place the cell's text not at the center of the cell, but at a certain position that I want?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    I think you have two options:

    1.) give the cell an alignment
    2.) write a QStyledItemDelegate derived class

  • 1st option doesn't look good since I want the text to be placed at the center of the visible part of a cell.

    As for the 2nd can you give me some more info about how to do that?
    I suppose that I have to reimplement paint(), but how could I set the text position there?

    And getting Labels over the QTableView is impossible?

  • I don't know how the widgets are positioned, but adding widgets is possible.
    Yes, you have to reimplement paint of the delegate, how to find the position, I don't know. I never did such stuff.

  • if you only need static content then QAbstractItemView::setIndexWidget ( const QModelIndex & index, QWidget * widget ) would be enough ... even in this case you should use a subclass of QLabel and reimplement paintEvent in order to draw text at a certain position

  • If you reimplement paint, you can even use a QWidget subclass as painting there is the same effort, you only need an additional property text.

  • Is there an example to help me with that?

    Lets say that I only have one row that has rowSpan=4 and I want its text to be shown at the index=(2,0)
    Something like that:


    Is there really no other way to change the current cells text position, except for setting an alignment?

  • Labels worked for me, but I think just changing the position of the cells' text would be a much more efficient implementation.

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    I think you would have to modify the option passed to your paintEvent and setup the rectangle where the text is drawn, then call the base implementation.

  • Hi,

    beside setting item's widget and QStyledItemDelegate and overriding their painting methods, I think a style sheet is also an option, and by ::item and padding you can change the text's position: afaik testing ::item in designer does not work but at runtime would not be a problem as I use them a lot

    with QStyledItemDelegate you can use option.rect directly in paint(), in widget's paintEvent accessing style option is trickier

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