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  • The following code compiles and runs within the QTC IDE but does not clear screen.
    @#include <iostream>
    #include "term.h"
    #include "unistd.h"
    #include "ncurses.h"

    using namespace std;

    void Clear_Screen(bool RESET= true);

    int main()
    cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
    cout << "Hello Again!" << endl;
    return 0;

    void Clear_Screen(bool RESET)
    if (!cur_term)
    int result;
    if (result <=0) return;
    if (RESET == true)
    putp(tigetstr( "rs1"));
    } @

    After compile then run from inside QTC gives
    @Hello World!
    Hello Again!@

    When run straight from XTerm result is
    @Hello Again!@

    debug shows result with value -1. Does this mean that tty is not set by xterm from within QTC?

    Just guessing?????

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