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Debugging helper not showing values with Qt 4.8.5, QtCreator 2.8.1 and GDB 7.6.1

  • As the title says i have problem debugging a QApplication, in the debugging values pane i get <not accessible> for each Qt type variable (like QFile, QString, QByteArray etc).
    I want to specify that i am on OpenSuSE 12.3 and GDB has been compiled by me with python support. The debugging helpers works with standard c++ stuff.
    I've been helped on the irc channel and only managed to discover that for some reason QString::shared_empty is not defined (that is used in to decide if the Qt version is 4.8 or 5).
    By hardcoding the value 0x04805 inside i'm only able to look at QString value but not QFile for instance.
    Here i link all the pastebin result and the commands the person on irc asked me to give:

    Debugger Log:
    dGdbCustomDumperCommands has then been set to empty and not /dev/null.
    Command: "bb options:pe,fancy,autoderef,dyntype vars: expanded:return,local,watch,inspect typeformats: formats: watchers:", Result:

    Also i "should" have the debug symbols installed by libqt4-debuginfo package, and this are the files installed: .
    So any idea on why is not working?

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