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Multi-touch not working using mtdev packages in Qt for embedded linux

  • Hi,

    I am following the steps specified in the mtdev installation guide for enabling multi-touch support for Embedded Qt "LINK":

    When I run the pinchzoom example provided in the qTUIO/examples on my device, I am getting only QEvent::TouchBegin and QEvent::TouchEnd, but not getting QEvent::TouchUpdate. The multi-touch events are received as multiple touch events with only QEvent::TouchBegin/TouchEnd.

    After some debugging I found that, qTUIO is not getting the calls to QTuio::updateTuioCursor() function, which is responsible for sending the QEvent::TouchUpdate event to Qt framework.

    How do I fix this issue ?

    Device details:
    ARM compiler
    Qt 4.8.5 for embedded linux
    mtdev, tslib libraries

    Thanks and Regards,

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