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How to deal the following qt warning?

  • Problem creating accessible interface for: ScadeWindow(0x7924fc0)
    Make sure to deploy Qt with accessibility plugins.

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    make sure your application finds the plugins from <QTDIR>/plugins/accessible
    For Qt5 it's <QTDIR>/qtbase/plugins/accessible

    When you don't use accessibility features you can ignore the warning.

  • how deploy with accessibility plugins. where si the documents?

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    what do you mean?

    I already pointed out where you can find the plugins. The deployment is the same like for all other plugins.

  • @#ifndef SCADE_WINDOW_H
    #define SCADE_WINDOW_H

    #include <stdint.h>

    #include <QWindow>
    #include <QElapsedTimer>

    class QOpenGLContext;
    class ScadeWindow : public QWindow
    explicit ScadeWindow(const QSurfaceFormat&, QWindow *parent = NULL);
    void initializeGL();
    void render();

    public slots:
    void resizeGL();
    void updateGL();

    bool event(QEvent *event);
    void exposeEvent(QExposeEvent *);

    QOpenGLContext* m_context;
    QElapsedTimer m_time;
    uint64_t frameCount;

    #endif // SCADE_WINDOW_H

    I've implemented a customize QWindow, and I don't want to see the warning I stated before, how to avoid that? because there is no documents about accessibility

  • I don't know what's happened, I was using Qt 5.1.1 (OpenGL/vs2010/x86) version installed on C:\Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\msvc2010_opengl

    I found the plugin you stated at
    and I copied those dll files to the
    and also copied those dll files to the directory that contained my generated exe file. but the warning still showed up.

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    The "windows deployment guide": is what you need for application deployment

  • I am sorry about all that, indeed I didn't load qtaccessiblequick.dll nor qtaccessiblewidgets.dll, but just implement a ScadeWindow and use it, then the build app give me the following warning:
    Problem creating accessible interface for: ScadeWindow(0×7924fc0)
    Make sure to deploy Qt with accessibility plugins.

    I want to know how to remove this warning by not using the two plugin I mentioned before, or that's just can not be resolved?

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    taken from the deployment guide posted by SGaist:
    In contrast to user plugins, Qt plugins have to be put into subdirectories matching the plugin type. As we want to deploy the windows platform plugin it has to be put into a "platforms" subdirectory. Additional information about user and Qt plugins will be covered later.

    you can also set a "custom path": where Qt should look for the plugins (preserving the subfolders to be the same like in <QTDIR>/qtbase/plugins)

  • [quote author="NicuPopescu" date="1381929879"]hope "this": will help a little[/quote]
    That's good. and looks like this answer:

    [quote author="Chris Kawa" date="1357386479"]Btw. Lukas - can you create sticky threads?
    Threads like "can't run from cmd" or "work's fine in creator but not on other machines" about the proper deployment on windows seem to flood this forum lately so maybe it would be beneficial to create a sticky thread with a simple "what you need" for each compiler eg. for MSVC:

    • install MSVC runtime package

    What do you think?[/quote]

    but the bad thing is that doesn't work for me, sad.

  • By the way, it's worth to telling the detail of deploy Qt plugins in documents "Qt Windows deployments":

    For Qt 5.1.1/Windows, the Qt plugins directory is placed at

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