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Easy to collect video signals by PLC

  • Easy to collect video signals by PLC

    It’s amazing for the PLC technology. Once ,I want to assemble CCTV for my house safety. It’s a little bug not cable at hand. A website come to me after Google search: WonderTek.

    Video signal can transmit through Powerline. After consult with their engineer ,I buy the set of PLC camera ,it run well till now .I appreciate to this device.

    Brief Description

    PLC4002 is the ideal surveillance PLC IP camera specially designed for outdoor use. This instant surveillance system is based on the PLC technology.

    The video signal is delivered by the existence powerline. Under the local area network,

    all you need to do is plug the camera and view. No more cable required. It can be applied in stores, mall, schools, factories, family, public places and so on.


    -Built-in PLC for cable free instant installation

    -P2P video connection technology for plug and view

    -Supports iPhone / Smart Phone remote video monitoring

    -Infrared, night distance range up to 50meters

    -Support IP55 waterproof

    How to assemble the PLC IP camera ?


    Like above topological graph,the PLC IP CAMERA should match with video receiver , Receiver can be a master, PLC CAMERA can be a slave.

    If it is not convenient for you to add powerline supplying power to camera, you can use one POE homeplug as the slave .below topological graph is for your reference.

    Anyhow PLC4002 have a disadvantage ,the transmission rang only control in 500m.the monitor rang can be only 30m while the user manual states 50m.

    If you have more suggests to improve the video signal quality and distance , leave your message to discuss.

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