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[SOLVED] Is QSslKey dependent on OpenSSL?

  • in my application i create a QSslKey then check if it was null or not.

    @QSslKey key(this->getKey(), QSsl::Rsa, QSsl::Pem, QSsl::PrivateKey, pass);
    // check If key is null
    if (key.isNull())
    on a machine with openssl installed this never gives me null, but on a machine without openssl it always returns key is null!
    I'm running the app on a win7

  • bq. Is QSslKey dependent on OpenSSL?

    Yes, it is. QSslSocket::supportsSsl() must be true for the majority of functions in the class to do anything to change the default isNull == true state.

  • Thank you.

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