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How to integrate QT5.1 with visual studio 2010 express

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am newbie to QT and to our forum.Let me introduce my self,Tamil vanan,Embedded system Developer.I like to develop a windows based application software using Qt , so i am here :) . Last two days i am facing problem in integrating Qt5.1 with visual studio 2010 express .Can anybody help me to solve my issue. Thanks in Advance.


    Tamil Vanan K

  • Hi,

    I think the easiest way is to use cmake to generate solutions for visual studio. "Here": is some documentation.

  • VS Express does not allow plug ins. That makes the usage of Qt a bit difficult, as you do not get custom build steps for QObject classes / UI and qrc files automatically.

    QtCreator might be a solution. Or you use qmake to create a solution. But that means, new files --> qmake again :-(

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    Also if you are looking for a free alternative you can use the MinGW package that comes with everything needed to get started

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your valuable reply. I am very comfort with qt creator IDE. Part my code was in .net active X dll ,that's the reason i like to integrate qt with Visual studio. I have just tried simple " helloworld" program in Qt creator.I really impressed with Qt creator IDE itself.



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