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[~Solved] Is the actual Qt configuration documented somewhere?

  • A long while ago, I built Qt from sources. Because I had to try different things before it came out the way I wanted, I don't remember the exact configuration I finally used.

    Is there a way for me to find out what 'configure' command line I used, what the exact version of the compiler was, etc. ?

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    Yes, take a look at configure.cache file located in the root dir of your Qt source code. It does not contain all the information you need, but at least the configuration flags are there.

  • On Windows, I have only found the configure.cache file for a MinGW build, but not for a VS 2010 build. Is this gcc/mingw-specific?

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    I have it present in my MSVC2012 build, maybe you have removed it. On Linux, the file is named config.status, just to complicate things ;)

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