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How to use the current phone theme colors and images in Symbian?

  • I'm developing a Symbian app in QML, my root element is PageStackWindow.

    I want it to get the current theme's "app background image", instead of the default Nokia theme one.

    Also, when I press on a ListItem, I want it to take the current theme "on list item pressed" image.

    I have searched a lot but couldn't figure out how to do this.. but I'm guessing that platformStyle and privateStyle are related to this somehow, unfortunately I didn't find any docs about them.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Help? Anyone? :/
    Atleast tell me where to find platformStyle and privateStyle functions?

  • Better ask over at http://developer.nokia.com/ .

    There are not many people left here that still have a Symbian background.

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