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IOS Qt5 Multilib? How can i do this?

  • Hi guys,

    i need help! For our Project we use Qt5.
    At least we want to distribute an iOS App with our Qt Framework.

    First i build Qt like this blog post http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2013/03/05/qt-for-ios-preview/
    Our iOS App works very very fine with Qt!

    But how can i make a iOS QtMulti(Arch)lib? Also for i386, armv7 (iPhone 4S), armv7s (iPhone5) and arm64 (iPhone 5s) ? How can i handle this in configure?

    Because its very annoying to have two Qt Versions for i386 (iOS Simulator) armv7 (iPhone 4S).
    And at least four Versions for each arch.


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