Really new to Qt and asked to develop an image viewer in 4 days!!!HELP

  • Hello guys, I was told to develop an image viewer from scratch using Qt in four days and I don't know a single thing about the SDK.
    The viewer should be able to perform the following functions:

    1. Zoom In and Zoom Out
      NOTE: should zoom in at the place where the mouse pointer is placed.
    2. Previous/ Next
      NOTE: When on the last image in the folder, the image should change to the first picture upon pressing the next button and same way for the first picture and previous button.
    3. Rotate right/Rotate left
    4. Crop
    5. Some paint functions-
      Square/ Rectangle
      Circle/ Oval
      Random Cut
      Straight Line
      6.Save Image
    6. Should basically function for JPG format
    7. Make a Menu too.
      I don't know where to to do it and am completely lost and the deadline for the same is by this sunday, i.e., in 2 days...:/
      Can anyone please help me!!!!
      please guide me through it...ASAP

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    sorry but i don't believe YOU will make it in 4 days as a beginner who has absolutely no experience with Qt.

    The only chance i see is that you find somebody who writes the application for you.

    IMHO the features you mentioned will take at least 4 days even for experienced users. (Depending about the quality of the implementation of these features.)

    Good look finding someone.

    But i can give you some hints where to start - after you are familiar with the basic Qt concepts:

    Use QGraphicsView as an base widget and add your images as QPixmaps to the scene.
    Rotation: can be done with transformation (QTransform) on the image item.
    Crop: use QGraphicsRectItem (or QRubberBand widget) to define the crop rect and use QPixmap::copy() to copy the parts from the image to a new image
    Painting: use mouse events to draw things on the pixmap with QPainter
    Save: QPixmap::save()
    Zooming: QGraphicsView::scale()

    As i said this is alot of work. Especially when it comes to fine tuning the features...

    Good luck anyways!

  • Come on raven-worx, you know that you would be able to do that in less then four days. ;)

  • Thanks for the help raven-worx (Y)
    I would try to implement what you suggested.
    The program is not required to be fine tuned. The requirement is that we can perform the above mentioned functions.
    But thanks again...;)

    Still open to more suggestions, if any...

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    [quote author="butterface" date="1381497932"]Come on raven-worx, you know that you would be able to do that in less then four days. ;)[/quote]
    seriously i don't believe that... feature-wise i would be a pedantic perfectionist. Thus it would take longer and i couldn't sleep well ^^
    Maybe if i work 4x 24h a day..

    there are many threads in this forum which are about some of your features. Reading them will probably also help a lot to you.

  • Yes, I am already onto that task... :)

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