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Really new to Qt and asked to develop an image viewer through the SDK as a task.

  • Hello guys, I was told to develop an image viewer from scratch using Qt in four days and I don't know a single thing about the SDK.
    The viewer should be able to perform the following functions:

    1. Zoom In and Zoom Out
      NOTE: should zoom in at the place where the mouse pointer is placed.
    2. Previous/ Next
      NOTE: When on the last image in the folder, the image should change to the first picture upon pressing the next button and same way for the first picture and previous button.
    3. Rotate right/Rotate left
    4. Crop
    5. Some paint functions-
      Square/ Rectangle
      Circle/ Oval
      Random Cut
      Straight Line
      6.Save Image
    6. Should basically function for JPG format
    7. Make a Menu too.
      I don't know where to to do it and am completely lost and the deadline for the same is by this sunday, i.e., in 2 days...:/
      Can anyone please help me!!!!
      please guide me through it...ASAP

  • hello thescouse ,
    if your problem is not solved yet then go to

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