OpenSsl in Qt

  • I am having problems getting openSsl to work properly(I think). I followed the instructions and re-compiled qt, everything went find, but when i try to connect to the server it connects, but i receive a few different errors. I am not sure it it is connecting properly or not. So i guess the first question i need to ask is if a QTcpserver, running a QTcpSocket( as nextpending connection) will accept an enrypted connection from a client side ssl socket. I assumed it would be able to because QSslSocket inherits from QTcpSocket. If that is not the case then could someone point me in the right direciton to make my server be able to accept that connection, if it is the case can someone point me to instructions on properly compiling OpenSSL-Win32 binaries to Qt.

  • the errors i am getting are

    cannot call unresolved function:






  • You need the openssl dll to be present at run time. These errors indicate that is either missing or not being found for some reason.

  • thank you that is what i thought was going on. Do i simply need the dll present on the system or do i need it in the qt directory. I have downloaded the binaries as i described, configured qt to look for openssl and recompiled using mingw32-make and am still getting these errors. i submitted a ticket to support but have not gotten a response yet. Do you know of any documentation that may help? or at least give a better description than what i have found using google. Thanks

  • I'm sorry, I'm a linux developer mainly, so I'm not really sure. I suspect putting them in your qt directory or the application's directory will be best. That way they won't interfere with any other openssl dlls you have on the system.

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