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Building Qt 5.1.1 on Windows 64 with MinGW-64 (Zlib undefined references)

  • The problem is that I cannot compile qt because of undefined references from zlib.
    Note: Compiler - Gcc-4.7.1. I built Qt 4.8.3 in this environment.

    Tryed to resolve this:
    1). I compiled zlib 1.2.8 and add add it to compiler look up paths.
    2). I set -qt-zlib option to the Qt configuration.

    @g++ -Wl,-s -shared -Wl,--out-implib,C:/Users/CanisMajor/Downloads/Trash/build/Qt/5.1.1/qtbase/lib/libQt5Gui.a -o ../../lib/Qt5Gui.dll object_script.Qt5Gui.Release
    -lcomdlg32 -loleaut32 -limm32 -lwinmm -lws2_32 -lole32 -luuid -ladvapi32 -lz -lglu32 -lopengl32 -lgdi32 -luser32 -LC:/Users/CanisMajor/Downloads/Trash/build/Qt/5.1.1/qtbase/lib -lQt5Core .obj/release-shared/Qt5Gui_resource_res.o
    ./.obj/release-shared/png.o:png.c:(.text+0x3b0): undefined reference to z_crc32' ./.obj/release-shared/png.o:png.c:(.text+0x41d): undefined reference toz_crc32'
    ./.obj/release-shared/png.o:png.c:(.text+0x104d): undefined reference to `z_inflateReset'@

    What is interesting that I cannot find such symbols in zlib archives.

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