QtPropertyAnimation Magnify ToolButton

  • I have a ToolButton on my ToolBar. I am trying to hover over a ToolButton and magnify it (animate it). I have tried the following but it does not work. Can anyone please advise?

    @QPropertyAnimation animation(&button, "geometry");
    animation.setStartValue(QRect(this->x(), this->y(). 200, 200)); //start size
    animation.setEndValue(QRect(this->x(), this->y(), 500, 500)); //end size

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    Isn't that you should pass the button's geometry instead of this ?

  • I replaced with button.x() and button.y(). However, the button still remains the same.

  • My mistake. I have declared fixed size for my button earlier, which fixed the size of the button throughout.

    It is working now.


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