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Running QtQuickTest in Qt Quick 1.0 mode?

  • The documentation indicates that one can run a QtQuickTest in QtQuick 1.0 mode by passing the '-qtquick1' option. However, that doesn't seem to be supported:

    @$ ../QmlTestRunner/QmlTestRunner -help
    Usage: ../QmlTestRunner/QmlTestRunner [options] [testfunction[:testdata]]...
    By default, all testfunctions will be run.
    QmlTest options:
    -import dir : Specify an import directory.
    -input dir/file : Specify the root directory for test cases or a single test case file.
    -qtquick1 : Run with QtQuick 1 rather than QtQuick 2.
    -translation file : Specify the translation file.

    -help : This help

    When I do it in practice, it always generates an Unknown option error:

    $ ../QmlTestRunner/QmlTestRunner -qtquick1
    Unknown option: '-qtquick1'

    If I don't pass in the -qtquick1 option but simply run the program, I get this:

    $ ../QmlTestRunner/QmlTestRunner
    file:///Users/user/workdir/mpaqtapp/tests/tst_Settings/tst_Settings.qml:1:1: module "QtQuick" is not installed
    import QtQuick 1.0

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