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MediaPlayer.metaData not working on Windows

  • Hello,

    I'm writing a music player. The target platforms should be Windows and Android. I have not tried Android yet but at least in Windows reading of metadata doesn't work at all. So I need to find a different solution.

    I have really NO experience with C/C++ and I want to use as little native code as possible. But at least scanning of media files seems to be impossible without that. I did some search and came up with following possibilities: TagLib, MediaInfo and GStreamer.

    TagLib: Probably most often used, but I have no idea how to include it. Should I link it statically or dynamically?
    MediaInfo: Great features, but can only read tags not write. I know the library very well.
    GStreamer: Might be too difficult to use and I could not support video clips. But I could get rid of the highly unreliable DirectShow on Windows.

    Does anyone of you have any experience with this? What would you suggest?

    Why is MediaPlayer.metaData not supported on Windows? Why it isn't mentioned in the documentation? Will it maybe change in Qt 5.2? What about Android?

    Thanks a lot for any tips.

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