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Qt 5.x and Visual Studio 2010 (porting from v4.8.5 and VS2008)

  • We are currently using Qt 4.8.5 and Visual Studio 2008. We start Visual Studio via the shortcut "Visual Studio with Qt 4.8.5" which is installed in the "Qt by Digia v4.8.5 (VS2008 OpenSource)". It sets up the proper environment for us so that if needed, we can develop on different projects with side-by-side installations of Qt.

    With Qt 5.x it seems we no longer have this type of arrangement. In fact, I'm not sure where to begin at all other than creating our own shortcuts that create the proper development environment for us like we used to have.

    I was hoping someone had solved this issue but I cannot find an easy solution. If your environment was like ours and you have ported to 5.x and VS2010 I'd like to hear what you've done to make this transition as smoothly as possible.

  • Other things I am noticing is that we no longer have pre-built PDB files for debugging purposes (for core Qt DLLs), but we do have them for the plug-ins (iconengines and imageformats).

  • Only problem I saw was you had to uninstall the QT Visual Studio addin 1.1.x used for Qt 4.8.x and then install the 1.2.2 addin, else it was impossible to add Qt 5.x versions to VC2010.

  • There's a lot of fixing we've had to do. The install doesn't put in the shortcuts any more. We created our own for the Qt + Visual Studio environment set up before Visual Studio 2010 is run. Also found that the 1.2.2 plug-in added the debug Qt5Multimedia component to the Release mode so when run, our release mode could not find Qt5Cored.dll. Easy fix and probably a developer's copy-paste error in the plug-in. Anyway, don't want to bitch, but it went downhill a bit and trying to recover to where we were. About to post a bug we've found.

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