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Debugger "code: 0xc0000139: DLL entry point not found ... in ntdll_77c90000!LdrpSnapThunk"

  • Hi,

    I have developed a Qt Console application in QtCreator which is apart of a large subdir project, using Qt5.1.1 msvc2012. The project works 100% in Ubuntu Linux.

    I am getting the following error on build, and run in the debugger ouput pane in windows:
    (17e8.16bc): Unknown exception - code c0000139 (first chance)
    Exception at 0x77d11d82, code: 0xc0000139: DLL entry point not found, flags=0x1 (execution cannot be continued) (first chance) in ntdll_77c90000!LdrpSnapThunk
    Process exited (3221225785)
    ERROR: Process crashed
    ERROR: CDB crashed

    My project is a subdir project contains some dll's projects and all of my .pro / .pri's are configured to link to the dll's (everything builds fine, it only happens when I go to run). In Linux, I set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH env. variable to point to the output directory of my libs, and in windows I have pointed PATH to the same directory (relative to the project). This is all done in the project settings (when deploying, I run a script that sets the env. variables and spawns the app).

    Right now, I am just trying to build / debug in the QtCreator...I am almost thinking this is an error with a windows dll and has nothing to do with the actual dll's in my subdir project due to the 'ntdll_77c90000!LdrpSnapThunk'.

    Has anyone has this issue with Qt5.1.1 in windows or could enlighten me about this issue?

    Thank you.

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