Custom primitive elements in QStyle

  • Hello folks!

    I'm willing to create custom widgets, and thought that using QProxyStyle would be the best way. All I want is to draw custom primitive / control elements. What's the best way for that?

    I'm inheriting from QProxyStyle and overriding drawPrimitve, this way:
    @#pragma once

    #include "CommonGlobal.hpp"
    #include <QProxyStyle>

    class COMMONSHARED_EXPORT Style : public QProxyStyle
    enum PrimitiveElement
    PE_TimeMarker = QStyle::PE_CustomBase + 1,

    void drawPrimitive(QStyle::PrimitiveElement element, const QStyleOption *option, QPainter *painter, const QWidget *widget) const;


    The implementation is just a switch that handles my custom types, and calls baseStyle() to draw the know Qt types.

  • I think I don't know what you mean by "custom widget". Do you maybe want to just subclass QWidget and provide a paintEvent() handler and user interaction handlers: mouse events and such. (What's "custom" about the custom widgets you want to create?)

  • Yes, I mean that. I'm implementing a dopesheet like the one in Blender.

    Actually, I'm using the graphics framework, but I want to be able to further customize my look and feel with different styles, so I thought that delegating the rendering to a QStyle was be the best wayto achieve that.

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