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[solved] ListView: Change background image of selected item

  • Hi people!

    I have a listview where I put a background image for each item, but I can not do to change that image when the item is clicked / touched.

    Anyone have a how to explain to me how?


    @ ListView {
    anchors.fill: telaprin
    clip: true
    model: animalsModel
    delegate: listDelegate
    focus: true
    Component {
    id: listDelegate
    Item {
    width: 480; height: 80

    //background image
    Image {
    id: imagem_fundo_listview
    width: telaprin.width
    height: 80
    source: "qrc:/imagens/imagens/list_item.png"
    Image {
    id: thumbail
    width: telaprin.width / 4
    height: 80
    source: pic
    Text {
    id: dados
    text: " "+name
    font.bold: false
    font.pointSize: 20
    anchors.left: thumbail.right
    anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
    MouseArea {
    anchors.fill: parent
    onClicked: {
    selectedLinhaList = index;
    console.log("clicado "+selectedLinhaList);
    states: [
    State {
    name: "selected"
    when: (listviewprin.currentIndex==selectedLinhaList)
    // PropertyChanges {target: highlightBar; Image.y: listviewprin.currentItem.y }
    } //Component


  • Moderators

    In your MouseArea's onClicked function set
    @ imagem_fundo_listview.source = "yournewimagepath" @

  • Thanks, it worked, but if I click it all goes rather than selecting all deselect already selected.

  • Moderators

    Ok. Can you explain it more clearly as to what is exactly happening ?

  • No problem, your tip was extremely important and I solved the problem multiselect.

    Thank you again.

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