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QFileDialog disables notifications from QSerialPort

  • Hello,

    I use Windows, Qt 5.1.1 and QSerialPort in my program to communicate with a device over serial line. When I call QFileDialog::getOpenFileName to let user choose new firmware for upgrading the device, my program stops receiving the notifications from QSerialPort about new available bytes.
    When I close QFileDialog, either by selecting a file or clicking Cancel, the notifications resume.
    How can I fix this behaviour? Is it just me, or is it a bug somewhere in Qt?


  • Moderators

    What system you developing on?

  • I'm developing on Windows 7 x64.
    By the way, I've noticed the same behaviour when I drag my program window around or resize it with mouse. As long as mouse button is down, there is no notifications from QSerialPort.
    I think my problem may be related to http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/33142. I'll try to move all serial port-related code to separate thread.

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