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QtCreator using wrong boost version

  • I'm trying to use QtCreator in conjunction with the Boost Test library.

    I have an install of Boost 1.54 available, and I've added it to my .pro file's INCLUDEPATH.

    However, when I right-click on
    #include "boost/test/auto_unit_test.hpp"
    it takes me to a file that is clearly from an older version of Boost. A bit of digging makes it appear that QtCreator is pulling the version in /usr/include/boost rather than the one in the INCLUDEPATH. (I realized the problem when including boost/test/unit_test.hpp, as the tutorial suggests, did not work.)

    How can I not only specify an additional include path, but also that it should be preferred to the default system include path?

  • It should use the same version that building of the project uses. If building uses one copy of boost, and the code model another, it's a bug and should be reported on bugreports.qt-project.org.

  • It's not a mismatch. I just don't know how to disregard the installed version.

  • Okay, now I think I have a mismatch. I've finally gotten my .pro file to the point where it seems to be building correctly. My boost 1.54 area is in the include path for g++ in the compile output, and there are no errors reported from the build.

    However, when I hover the mouse over an include, the tooltip that pops up still points to the wrong file, and the syntax highlighting still indicates errors.

    This might be related to the fact that I am using a system() call in the .pro file to determine the include path by running an external program.

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