Virtual Keyboard for my device

  • Dear all!

    I know this question may be asked in many places. But still help me out please.

    I want to design virtual keyboard for my device.

    I dont want to re invent the wheel. I know that lot many people developed their own keyboard and made it open for all.

    But, I have a problem in using them for below mentioned reasons:

    1. Layout - Layout varies from design to design.
    2. Size - Again, size has been decided by the developer. If i use it in my device, it may not look better.
    3. Colours - Few made it with standard styles, few made hardcoded design for their look and feel.

    Instead of I design my own keyboard,
    I want to know is there any tool which can generate source for keyboard, based on the customization?

    This will reduce lot of efforts during development.

    Also, I want to know after i generate the code, is there any way where i can test it automatically?

    Please apologize me if its very basic question.

    Thank you,

  • you can use this source code.

    edit it for required design..

    no other way ............


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