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Qt5, i.MX6, Tslib calibration not being loaded correctly

  • Hello

    I think i maybe be on the right track, I have a nitrogen6x board, timesys package, and qt5 running with eglfs.

    It looks like the touch screen loads perfectly, and even loads evdevtouch with the correct device (tsc2004). But thats about all that seems correct.

    evdevtouch: Using device /dev/input/event1
    min X: 0 max X: 0
    min Y: 0 max Y: 0
    min pressure: 0 max pressure: 4095
    device name: tsc2004

    min/max seem a bit off, and I think the calibration file isn't being loaded properly. But that's my best guess atm. We do have it in a special location.

    Also.. when running qt5, we see the display cursor blinking like there is a command prompt behind qt and linux is writing directly to the frame buffer updating the cursor.

  • So after doing more research, the tslib plugin isn't being built which is why I can't use
    @-platform eglfs -plugin Tslib@

    Is there a way to configure qt5 to build certain plugins? I have a wonky build system so I'm not quite sure if there is an easy way to shoe horn it in.

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