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Is source available for configure.exe?

  • I'm trying to build a minimal version of Qt 4.7.1 on several Windows 7 machines using Visual Studio 2010 Enterprise Edition (or something like that -- not the free Express version, though) and without administrator privileges. I can't install Perl, but that doesn't seem to be necessary for this version of Qt. I have successfully done it on one computer using "configure.exe" but I am not permitted to use configure.exe on the other computer. Given the similarities of the target machines I had hoped to use a lightly-edited version of the Makefile from the first computer on the second one, but it seems that "configure.exe" does a lot more than just generate a Makefile: it also invokes VS to compile quite a few key executable files. I've tried to manually perform those steps using the "configure" text file as a guide, but the task appears nearly endless. Is there any chance that the source for "configure.exe" is available?


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    Sure, Qt is Open Sourced after all. Just browse to <your source dir>/tools/configure.

  • Thanks. I ran across that just after posting but I'm still caught in a John Conner-like time loop. That configure.exe source seems to be chock full of dependencies on Qt core features that need to have been built in order to build the Qt core features. I'll mess with it some more.

  • It seems to be building now. I created a vcproj file from the file on another compter, copied that over, searched-and-replaced the user name, and was able to build configure. There was also a qconfig.h file that was needed.

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    Nice job :) Although it seems a bit pointless. Can't you request a bit more permissions from your administrator? In the current setup he/ she is forcing you to do more work than is really necessary...

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