Textures Problem and QImage Objects

  • Hi!

    I have a weird problem here:

    i have this code:
    glGenTextures( 1, &IdT );

    and i using a QImage class to load the image , and everything are working, but when i render the object the textures are not being rendered in the object (yes, i´m binding the texture first).

    The weird thing is when i use my own routine to load the image it works fine...(with my own unsigned char pointer), but when i use the QImage Object, not.

    I made tests with all types of project(Using WidGets and QWindows) and using All versions where this functions exists, and the only test the works loading the textures properly was when i use a Widget and bind the textures using the bindtexture method owned by GLWidget class.

    How can i solve this?
    Can anyone help me , please?

    Kind Regards.

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