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Touchscreen support for QWebView, QPushButton and QWidgets

  • Hello, i'm needing a help, readed and searched about this problem and not founded a solution. I'm developing a kiosk browser and it has not worked for touchscreen monitors, simply the QWebView component has not any action of touch on links and input elements, for example. With mouse works fine.

    Environment: QT 5.1.1, MinGW compiler on Windows 7 32 and 64bits, Windows 8 32 and 64bits.

    I tried use QWebView>setAttribute(Qt::WA_AcceptTouchEvents); but not worked.

    I hope anyone can help me, it is a primordial feature for this software and not know what i do.

  • I think the component QWebView not recognize touch events, so, i solved this problem setting QWebView>setAttribute(Qt::WA_AcceptTouchEvents, false); to QWebView receive the touch event as mouse events.

    This way solved my problem, thanks.

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