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Top level drag items / Drop Areas across several windows

  • Hello guys!

    Just joined the forums, and i am pretty new to QML development, so please bear with me! :)

    I am currently trying out several things with QML, and so far everything is going really well (QML is super easy! yay) - But one issue i have run into is dragging and dropping items between windows. Is there something i am missing here or?

    When for example dragging a external item (desktop file or folder) onto a QtQuick Application, all applicable windows will react to both onEntered, onDropped and onExited, but my own drag-able items, seems to be "restricted" or locked to it's own original window.

    Is there a way currently to "detach" items in a way, and make them work pretty much like a external items?

    Thanks a lot and have a good day!

  • The bad news is that it is not available in Qt 5.1. The good news is that this functionality is planned to be a part of Qt 5.2.

    You can perhaps try out the recently released Alpha release in order to try out the functionality and give feedback.

  • Thanks a lot for the Info Jens!

    That is indeed good news for me, and i will try and get a hold of the Alpha build to see how it works out! - would be glad to possibly give feedback

    Thanks again

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