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Recording video from camera and QMediaRecorder

  • Hi All,

    I'm trying to record some video with Qt 5 in Windows 8.
    In the log I see I get problems with the camera because the camera is "unavailable".
    That sounds weird for me because I can see the viewfinder and I can take shots, but I see
    I cannot record any video. To be sure it wasn't my mistake I compiled the same code
    on Mac Os X and I can record the video and the voice without changing a line of code.
    On Windows I see different files in the folder plugins/mediaservice, I mean in Os X there is some more.
    So I'm wondering if I have to put some lib more in that folder or if I have to compile Qt by myself
    enabling some special options.
    Please let me know, I was already stuck with Windows 8 and the touch, that required some workaround
    to work properly, and now I have this issue too. Really I'm getting crazy because of that because I'm spending
    more time on trying to figure out how to use Qt modeles on Windows 8 than real coding...

    Thanks for you help!

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