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Help! How to set up compiler in QT which is compatible with Win8 64 bit

  • Hi,
    Firstly, I'm a newbie with qt and struggling a lot even with getting started! :(

    I'm using windows 8 64 bit OS and wants to write a program which will be cpu intensive and with very basic gui.

    I have downloaded "Qt 5.1.1 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2012, OpenGL, 522 MB) " and have installed it. But there's no compiler set with this version of QT. I tried to install minGW 4.8 64bit compiler but its still says that the compiler is not compatible with the QT.

    Can anybody please explain which compiler is compatible with QT 5.1.1 for windows 8 64 bit and how to set it up?

    Thanks a lot!!

  • welcome to devnet

    If you choose a msvc prebuild the compiler is never included. You can download the different msvc express version from ms page.

    The MinGW prebuild is a 32 bit compilation. And as you have noticed already it is not compatible with 64 bit MinGW compilation. You have two choices. You can start out with the 32 bit prebuild. It does work also on a 64 bit windows.
    There is no official 64 bit MinGW build available. You can download one from "SourceForge": or you compile Qt libs yourself with a compiler of your choice (e.g. MinGW 64 bit).

  • Thank you very much for your inputs!! Its working great now!!

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