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[Solved] Accessing "tags" from the "now" playing song in QMediaPlayer

  • Hi,

    I 'm trying to access tags of the current song playing to display in my custom Media Player App.
    I'm using this in media player to connect to a method to update the info.
    @QObject::connect(this->playlist(), SIGNAL(currentMediaChanged(QMediaContent)),
    this, SLOT(updateSongInfo()));@
    updateSongInfo() Method:

    @gui->setProperty("songName", this->metaData("Title"));
    gui->setProperty("albumName", this->metaData("AlbumTitle"));@

    Now, my issue is: I'm getting the song info of the previous song!!
    I tried in many ways but I dn't find any solution for this.
    Can any one help me how to get the current song info.

    EDIT: the details are from the previous song not from the next

    Thanks in Advance,

  • Bump!!

  • Bump!!!

  • I resolved this issue.
    Rather than asking currentMediaChanged() signal metaDataChanged() is more significant & reliable. I did this as following:

    @QObject::connect(this, SIGNAL(durationChanged(qint64)), this, SLOT(updateSongInfo()));
    QObject::connect(this, SIGNAL(metaDataChanged()), this, SLOT(updateSongInfo()));@

    I'm not sure why the currentMediaChanged() did not work!
    I even tried to pause the updateSongInfo() function to wait for few seconds to check if the player is not yet ready with the info. It didnt work.

    Thankyou :)

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