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Qt creator knows Samsung galaxy S2 but not Asus Memo Pad?

  • Hi, I'm developing Qt on Android and i was compilded and deployed successfully on Samasung galaxy s2 and qt creator knows it. but i want to deploy mu app on Asus Memo pad 7 tablet. i was enabled developer usb debug on both. but Qt creator can't connect to asus tablet?

  • On which OS do you develop?

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    are you sure you have the correct sdk for the corresponding API level installed? And also configured Qt Creator to deploy the correct API level?

  • yep we need to check for Android SDK. I think Asus tablet , supports android 4.1 version. Maybe you need to create an emulator with android 4.1 version. run and deploy the app in the emulator.
    Install the apk file in your device. May be it will work fine.

  • You can test if adb lists your device. The command is
    adb devices

    adb is normally located in ANDROID_SDK/platform-tools .

    If it's not listed there then qt creator cannot also recognize it. You can check if the drivers are installed correctly in the Device Manager. If they are not you will see triangle with exclamation mark in it next to your device name.

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