Project in QT 5.1.1 compiled with Ming not showing Facebook Like Box all the time

  • Hi,

    We have a strange issue in our software (free one), it is about Facebook Likebox not showing all the time.

    We call this test page in our software (webkit) : (it includes a FB Like Box). With Webkit 534.34 (QT 4.8.5), it works fine on all plateforms (Linux, Windows, Mac). But with Webkit 537.21 (QT5.1.1), it works only with Linux and Mac, not Windows (compiled with Ming 4.8 32 bits).

    If we compile with MSVC 2010 32 bits, it works (Windows). If we create an empty project just showing the page, it works also with Ming (so strange). We listened what happen with Wireshark in both cases (Ming vs MSVC) and it seems that Facebook don't want to send us information we need to show the Like Box only when compiled with Ming (works fine with MSVC). Here is the Wireshark for MSVC :, here is the one for Ming :

    We discovered a more stange thing, Like box on this website is working in our project ( but not the normal like button on the same page.

    This is so strange,


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