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Qt 5.1.1 and qmake conflict with Intel Compiler C++

  • Good evening to everyone.
    This is my first post and perhaps my question is naif but I am at the beginning of my learning process of Qt.
    I downloaded Qt 5.1.1 on my Mac OX.
    With Qcreator no problem, qmake does his duty and everything works.
    When I switch to the terminal the system does not recognize the comand qmake. If I enter in.Bash_profile export PATH indicating where to find qmake : /User/myhome/Qt/5.1.1/clang_64/bin this command conflicts with the Intel compiler C++ application that I installed on my Mac causing the full system lock (to fix things I do a restore of the entire hard disk; luckily I have a backup system).
    I also did a system download Qt 4.8.5 and with this system qmake work without particular PATH. Unfortunately if I subsequently install Qt 5.1.1 qmake continues to point to the old version .
    (restore of the system for cancel the Qt4.8 end is qmake etc..)
    Where I'm wrong????????
    Thank you.

  • try to use qmake with accurate path for qt 5.1. i use this way in linux:


  • Thanks for the reply.
    My problem is that I find qmake only in /Users/gl/Qt/5.1.1/clang_64/bin directory
    And it is precisely with this directory that the system crashes.
    Maybe something wrong with the export PATH.


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