Algoritm for collect UChar* from a QImage Object

  • Hi!

    I need perform some custom operations between the texture creation process in OpenGL, but the bindtexture operation in Qt encapsulate all this operations(Like WrapS ant WrapT texture coordinates).

    It means i will need call the OpenGL bind and create Mipmaps myself without Qt , and to do that i will need access to the UChar data inside a QImage previously loaded.

    Looking at the QImage Object, it exposes the UChar* data in a different fashion, where we have "Lines" of data instead of have a big block of data.

    Anyone there have an already done alogorithm to read an entire image from a QImage object in a unsigned char* array?

    Kind Regards.

  • image->bits()

    I dont think Qt devs would store each line in a different memory section...
    First line pointer valid too, or it should be.

  • Indeed. However, note that there might be padding between scanlines depending on your image size and format.

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