Learn All About Automated Qt and QML/QtQuick GUI Testing with Squish at Qt Developer Days

  • Hi,

    This year's Qt Developer Days will take place in Berlin, Germany from October 7th - 9th and San Francisco, USA from November 6th - 8th.

    Our lead developers and founders will be available at the froglogic booth at both events showing off the latest version of the Squish GUI Tester for automated testing of native and cross-platform desktop, embedded, mobile and web applications. We will also present our cross-platform and cross-compiler C/C++ code coverage tool Squish Coco at the booth.

    At both events a training class teaching the usage and best practices of the Squish GUI Tester will be held. In addition, Harri will give an in-depth talk about using Squish for automated GUI tests of Qt and QML/QtQuick applications on embedded devices.

    As part of the new Qt Developer Days Starter Edition, which takes place during Berlin's event, we will also give a hands-on introduction to the Squish GUI Tester.

    Read more at http://www.froglogic.com/news-events/index.php?id=froglogic-qtdd2013.html where you also find links to the trainings and sessions with more details.

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