Enginio repository ?

  • Hello,

    I'd like to build latest stable enginio qt.

    From which repository should I clone :
    "github":https://github.com/enginio/enginio-qt/commits/master : this one seems outdated, but no statement on the home page...
    "gitorious":https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtenginio : this one seems up to date.

    In the Digia blog post, they said qt enginio was gone under qt-project umbrella, does that means github repo is not used anymore ?
    It is also said that there's been a "beta" release, I can't see any branch or tags to know which commit I have to clone ?

    And last, is it right to compile agains Qt 5.1.0 or does it benefit from Qt 5.2.0 stable branch ?

    Thank you

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    Qt Project uses gitiorious servers and repositories on gitorious are always the most up to date. Github is just a failsafe mirror.

  • As Sierdzio wrote:

    • gitorious is official qt-project mirror and you can find the latest version there (up to 5 minutes delays may happen)
    • github is an old repositiory, that is updated more or less once per week (there is no way to make a proper mirror there)
    • codereview.qt-project.org is where development happens

    Beta was build against Qt5.1.1 and therefore it can be compiled against it. We are constantly build QtEnginio library against the Qt5 stable and dev branch, so both are valid.

    If you want to build QtEnginio library yourself, I recomend to use the latest version. We do not break it so often, but master branch already contains a few fixes and of course it is much nicer to live on a bleeding edge, right? :-)

    Ugh that is embarassing the tag was missing, I pushed it, it is 0.6.0.

  • Great, thanks for all the precisions :)

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